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Our Story

Our philosophy is to learn from the past, focus on the future, and live in the present. It is with that guidance that we approached opening a winery outside the small town of Guerneville, California. We came here in the 80’s on a trip with friends. We immediately fell in love with the golden hillsides, dotted with oak trees, cow pastures and vineyards. The pace was a little bit slower, and the people who lived here were hard working, friendly and clearly very proud of their home. We knew we wanted to find out a way to make this our home.

When we bought the land we brought in expert viticulturists to review the soil, microclimates and daylight patterns and planned out the optimal row orientation and spacing for our Chardonnay vineyards. We relied on modern-day technology matched with historic tried-and-true learnings over centuries of viticulture to guide us…and so far we haven’t been disappointed!